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Cleaning Products
That Restore & Protect

We develop cleaning products that restore and protect technical devices and equipment such as point of sale systems, payment capture terminals, check scanners, receipt and label printers, kiosks, and self-service technologies.

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For more than 20 years, KIC has been trusted to find simple solutions to complex technology cleaning challenges

Our engineers work closely with more than 50 equipment manufacturers to understand the specific capabilities of their devices, and how to maintain and restore system performance through cleaning. KIC engineers also ensure that our cleaning products are safe to use, so they won’t harm the equipment, your staff, or the environment.

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5 Rights of Cleaning

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Learn why the right cleaning agent, tools, process, schedule and communications are key to device performance.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

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Understand the differences between cleaning and sanitizing and why it’s important.

Case Studies & White Papers

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KIC has worked with many companies to improve their operations and customer satisfaction through cleaning.

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Devices Clean?


Grime and dirt! It doesn't just look bad, it stores germs. It gets inside your device and stops it from working properly, delaying transactions, and lengthening checkout lines.


Bacteria and viruses can thrive on your equipment left unchecked, both inside and out. Clean devices regularly to protect everyone's health.


Be known as a company who cares. Communicating your cleaning measures comforts your staff and improves overall customer satisfaction.


"By using KICTeam’s program of tools and cleaning agents on each service call, it has allowed us to reduce the downtime of our customers’ equipment and ultimately provide a superior end-user experience."

ABC Case Study

"To All Users, OEM’s and Distributors: This memorandum serves as verification that, in an effort to accommodate their customers as a full service vendor, Bixolon encourages and promotes a proprietary labeled KICTeam thermal printer cleaning pen (Bixolon PN PCP-R200II/STD) as part of their standard business operations. The pens are referenced in their product manuals and operators handbooks."

John Condon, Vice President of Operations, Bixolon

"Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining the machine's performance and this partnership gives us the opportunity to recommend specific products to our customers that have been proven and tested as safe and effective, removing any doubts they may have of how and where to clean and what to use."

Luis Fernandez, Managing Director, CashDro

"Debris builds up during normal operation with any currency handling equipment, which is why cleaning on a frequent basis is critical for maintaining performance."

Matthew Holt, Director of North American Partnerships and Operations, Cassida

"The CleanBill Pro products provide the best possible cleaning, ensuring the equipment continually delivers the unparalleled performance we are known for. They are the only products we recommend for maintaining our equipment."

Matthew Holt, Director of North American Partnerships and Operations, Cassida

"Consistent use of these specialized cleaning tools will improve performance, increase availability and enhance the user experience."

Diebold Case Study

"Regular cleaning is an essential part of routine printer maintenance by removing the dust and debris that can build up on the print head. By including KIC Team’s products with our label kits, our customers are provided with everything they need in order to keep their printing operations running smoothly."

Aaron Heller

"Our techs have been using it in the field and reporting how effective it is at removing that caked-on dirt that is usually very hard to clean. It really makes their jobs easier."

Ralph Spinelli, SVP Professional Services, HTx

"We have tested numerous cleaning products for our POS terminals and found that Waffletechnology® was the right solution for our customers."

Toumy Bouteldja, Peripherals Manager, Ingenico

“Magicard chose to partner with KICTeam because of our shared commitment to quality and performance and our relationship continues to grow and go from strength to strength. Regular cleaning is an essential part of routine maintenance and customers who use KICTeam kits made specifically to suit Magicard printers can extend the life of their printer as well as maintaining its perfect print performance.”

Clare Lamb, Marketing Manager, MAGiCARD

"In currency handling equipment, the collection of debris build-up with normal use is unavoidable. With routine preventative care, the build-up can be minimized and device performance can continue. KICTeam's products are the most effective way to maintain currency handling automation and provide the consistent performance Magner's customers expect."

Doug Magee, President, Magner

Matica has been partnering with KICTeam which has been selected as a manufacturer for our cleaning kits due to its extensive experience and extraordinary quality of its products, and especially recommends the use of KIC Team's adhesive cleaning cards for transportation rollers and cleaning rollers, electronics cleaning pens for thermal printheads, and cleaning swabs for interior, display and housing cleaning. Look always for the Matica logo or chromXpert® logo in your consumables to make sure you are using genuine Matica consumables.

"KICTeam has proven to be a great partner. They have worked with us to develop cleaning products that provide a more effective cleaning solution with reduced time on site."

Jon Wulf, Service Design Manager, NCR

“KICTeam’s Cash Acceptor cleaning cards gave us very positive results in the preventive maintenance of our equipment, avoiding the need to swap out parts, recurring incidents and other operational problems.”

Prime Security

"Scientific Games recommends routine cleaning with KICTeam products to maintain performance & provide an exceptional experience."

David Douglas, Vice President Service Management, Scientific Games, Inc.

"To ensure optimal performance of our Smart Safe range we recommend utilizing KIC’s Waffletechnology cleaning cards."

Gary Taylor, Vice President of Service, Tidel