OEM Magner Corp.

Magner Corporation of America is a long-standing market leader in Currency Counters, Authentication Devices, Coin Equipment including Self-Service Coin Centers, Currency Dispensers, and Recycler Solutions.


“In currency handling equipment, the collection of debris build-up with normal use is unavoidable. With routine preventative care, the build-up can be minimized and device performance can continue. KICTeam’s products are the most effective way to maintain currency handling automation and provide the consistent performance Magner’s customers expect.”

Doug Magee, President


These trusted cleaning products are designed specifically for Magner currency & coin handling equipment, and rigorously tested to safely and effectively remove disruptive buildup commonly found inside coin/currency technology equipment.

Waffletechnology® for Magner Currency Counters (KWMAG-CCB25WS)

Waffletechnology® for Magner Currency Counters, KWMAG-CCB25WS 

Waffletechnology® for Magner Currency Counters delivers superior cleaning results shown to significantly reduce miscounts, bill rejections, and jamming rates.

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KICWipes™ for Magner Coin Sorters (KWMAG-WATT40C)

KICWipes TM for Magner Coin Sorters, KWMAG-WATT40C

KICWipes™ for Magner Coin Sorters are specially formulated to deliver superior cleaning results shown to increase performance efficiency and extend the lifespan of Magner Coin Sorter components.

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Benefits of Routine Cleaning

  • Ensure optimum accuracy & performance
  • Reduce equipment downtime & maintenance issues
  • Prolong equipment life & reduce capital expenditures