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ATEC provides convenient financial transaction solutions and is a global automation platform provider. The company’s portfolio of products includes cash recyclers, smart ATMs, recycling ATMs, cash dispensers, cash automation kiosks, and other technology applications.


– Safely remove dirt & debris buildup
– Maintain accurate performance
– Reduce note jams & rejects
– Avoid equipment downtime

ATEC/KIC Press Release

ATEC LTA Quick Cleaning Kit (KWATC-KTCREU)

LTA Quick Cleaning Kit, KWATC-KTCREU

Routine cleaning has proven to be the easiest and most cost-effective approach to maintain reliable high-speed performance. Exclusively designed for ATEC LTA Teller Cash Recyclers, this Quick Cleaning Kit provides bank tellers with a simple, safe, and effective approach to removing dirt and debris buildup that occurs with normal use.

ATEC LTA Technician Cleaning Kits, 10CT (KWATC-KTCRTEC)

LTA Technician Cleaning Kit, KWATC-KTCRTEC

The ATEC LTA Technician Cleaning Kit offers users a safe, consistent and effective approach to removing problematic dirt & debris buildup from performance critical components within the teller cash recycler.


The QUICK CLEANING KIT is intended to be used weekly on your cash recycling equipment, though more frequent cleaning may be needed depending on how often the equipment is used and/or for environments where dirt and debris builds up quickly.

The TECHNICIAN CLEANING KIT should be used as needed and provides 10 complete cleanings. Higher traffic or soil environments may need more frequent cleaning.