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ATEC provides banking and retail automation solutions through cash recycling technology.


“Regularly cleaning your ATEC cash handling hardware with these tested & approved cleaning products has proven to be the easiest and most cost-effective solution to optimize equipment performance and reliability.”



As with any cash handling hardware, for optimal performance, it’s essential to keep your equipment clean and properly maintained. Regularly cleaning with ATEC tested & approved cleaning products has proven to be the safest, easiest and most cost-effective solution to maximize equipment performance and reliability.

ATEC LTA Quick Cleaning Kit, 13CT (KWATC-KTCREU)

LTA Cash Recycler Cleaning Kit, KWATC-KTCREU

This kit provides routine cleaning products that bank tellers can use with confidence to quickly and safely remove disruptive dirt & debris buildup that occurs with normal cash recycling operation.

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ASYS Currency Counter Cleaning Cards presaturated with MiracleMagic

ASYS Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, KWATC-ASYST15M

Designed exclusively for ASYS Currency Counters, these Waffletechnology cleaning cards give users a quick, safe and effective solution to routinely clean and maintain their currency counters.

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ATEC LTA Technician Cleaning Kits, 10CT (KWATC-KTCRTEC)

Technician Cleaning Kit, KWATC-KTCRTEC

For service technicians, this kit of cleaning products standardizes the cleaning process and can fully restore an LTA Cash Recycler in less than 10 minutes! Each kit provides 10 complete cleanings.

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Benefits of Cleaning

  • Optimizes Performance & Reliability
  • Helps Extend Life of Equipment
  • Minimizes Jamming & Fault Rates
  • Prevents Downtime & Repair Costs