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“Evaluation of KIC’s cleaning products demonstrated that consistent use of these specialized cleaning tools will improve performance, increase availability and enhance the user experience.”

VP AMS Service Operations / Continuous Improvement


Exclusively designed for CS Series, Diebold Series, and Opteva technology, Diebold’s MMA and ENA Technician Cleaning Kits provide a simple, safe, and effective approach to removing dirt and debris buildup that occurs with normal ATM use. The pre-moistened, encoded ATM cleaning cards are also very effective in removing the dirt, dust, and grime that builds up over time.

MMA Cleaning Kit (KDN-KMMAN1) by Diebold Nixdorf

MMA Technician Cleaning Kit

DN Part No.11066659000B

Diebold Nixdorf’s MMA cleaning kit is designed to quickly and effectively remove debris that builds up with normal use. Routine cleaning will ensure that critical components including cameras, sensors, belts and rollers within the primary pathway are able to process the user’s transaction correctly as expected.

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ENA Technician Cleaning Kit (KDN-KENAN1) by Diebold Nixdorf

ENA Technician Cleaning Kit

DN Part No.11066657000B

The Diebold Nixdorf ENA Technician Cleaning Kit offers users a safe, consistent and effective approach to removing problematic dirt & debris buildup from performance critical components within the ENA module. A routine preventative cleaning program using the OEM approved cleaning kit ensures the Note Acceptor Module operates and processes transactions correctly as expected. Each cleaning kit performs one complete cleaning on a Diebold Nixdorf ENA Module.

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Premoistened Encoded ATM Card Reader Cleaning Cards (KDN-HEB10TC)

Encoded Card Reader Cleaning Cards

DN Part No. 01770060347

Safely remove problematic buildup commonly found inside motorized and dip card readers with an Encoded Cleaning Card. This easy-to-use product takes the guess work out of cleaning: the embedded magnetic strips allow the card to be accepted into motorized card readers, the specially formulated cleaning solution quickly penetrates and breaks down stubborn buildup, and the non-abrasive card material effectively removes buildup without causing damage to critical components.

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Benefits of Routine Cleaning

  • Standardizes the cleaning process
  • Significantly reduces cleaning time
  • Provides easy access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Reduces damage caused by cleaning with unapproved materials
  • Reduces repeat service calls related to cleaning
  • Reduces unnecessary spare part replacement due to dirt & debris buildup