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Epson is a leading manufacturer in the printer, professional imaging, projector, scanner, system devices, and factory automation categories.

Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to co-creating sustainability and enriching communities by leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technologies to connect people, things, and information. The company is focused on solving societal issues through innovations in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual and lifestyle. Epson’s goal is to become carbon negative and eliminate use of exhaustible underground resources such as oil and metal by 2050.

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Epson Check Scanner Cleaning Kit (KWEPS-KCS2)

Epson Check Scanner Cleaning Kit
Part Number: KWEPS-KCS2

Waffletechnology for Epson Check Scanners (KWEPS-CS1B15WS)

Waffletechnology® for Epson Check Scanners
Part Number: KWEPS-CS1B15WS
$38.56 per Box of 15 Cards

“Epson is known for its solid brand and top reliability. KICTeam’s Waffletechnology® enhances that reliability by giving our customers tools they need to clean and
maintain their devices, which ultimately extends the product’s life.”
– Ken Fang, Financial Product Manager, Epson

Benefits of Equipment Care

– Enhance image quality
– Prevent manual corrections
– Reduce equipment downtime & maintenance issues
– Improve overall reliability
– Enhance your customers’ experience

Check Scanners

KIC’s patented Waffletechnology® card, engineered for Epson devices, will clean the TM-S1000, TM-S2000, TM-S2000II, TM-S9000II, and all other legacy Epson check scanner models. The unique waffled pattern on the card is extremely effective in safely removing dust, dirt, ink, debris, and other contaminants from lenses, MICR head, feed rollers, transport path, and other sensitive internal components. Choose the Epson cleaning kit for the most effective cleaning process.

CaptureOne (TM-S1000) Check Scanner
TM-S2000II Multifunction Device
TM-S9000II Multifunction Device

Receipt and Label Thermal Printers

KIC’s patented products have been specifically engineered for Epson to clean these robust thermal printers. The 250+ degree heat of the printer print head will cause any paper flash, dust or debris, and anything on the print head to burn onto the head, resulting in faded prints and/or lines appearing through the print.  KIC has unique tools to remove this debris, keep the printers operating longer, and improve print quality. Let us help you choose the right product for your printer and technical acumen of your operator to make cleaning your printers easy.

Mobilink P20 Thermal Receipt Printer
Mobilink P60II Thermal Receipt & Label Printer
Mobilink P80 Thermal Receipt Printer
OmniLink TM-T70II-DT Intelligent Printer
OmniLink TM-T70-i Intelligent Printer
OmniLink TM-T88V-DT Intelligent Printer
OmniLink TM-T88Vi VGA Intelligent Printer – Direct Connect
TM-L90 Plus-i KDS Controller
TM-L90 Plus Label & Barcode Printer
OmniLink TM-m30II-h POS Receipt Printer
TM-T88 Thermal Receipt Printer
OmniLink TM-T88V-i Intelligent Printer with VGA or COM
OmniLink TM-T88V-i COM Intelligent Printer – Multi-Station
OmniLink TM-H6000IV-DT Intelligent Printer
OmniLink TM-H6000V Multifunction POS Printer
OmniLink TM-m30II-SL with Table Mount
OmniLink TM-m50 Thermal Receipt Printer
OmniLink TM-T88VII

Linerless Label Thermal Printers

The latest linerless label technology has added a new level of complexity with specialized rollers and adhesives. Most rollers in these models should not be cleaned with alcohol. KIC has a specialized cleaning card line to address these printers. Let us help you choose the cleaning product that is appropriate for your printer and is easy for your operators to use.