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Digital Check is the leading worldwide provider of check scanners and peripherals for the banking industry.

As banking and payments have continued to evolve, Digital Check has moved with them, introducing new products and opening a software division to help contribute to the ongoing transformation of branch and consumer technology.

Digital Check’s Check Scanner technology, including TellerScan®, CheXpress®, and SmartSource® lines of scanners, provide the industry’s most reliable performance with superior MICR and image quality. Digital Check’s software delivers image enhancement and deposit-processing technologies that help clients reduce costs and improve efficiency. With new experiments in networking, mobile/tablet, kiosks and self-serve technology, Digital Check remains poised to take on the new challenges of the 21st century.

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Digital Check Branch Capture Cleaning Kit (KWDCC-K1W)

Digital Check Branch Capture Cleaning Kit
Part Number: KWDCC-K1W

“The difference in effectiveness between the KICTeam’s Waffletechnology® cards and most products currently on the market is noticeable. For example, the lens of a check scanner ordinarily has to be cleaned by hand, because most cleaning cards do not make enough contact with the camera glass. But the three-dimensional ‘waffle’ design makes sure that it is in contact with all necessary internal parts, and cleans the lens thoroughly without damaging it in any way.”
– Rick Ooten, Director of Product Management, Digital Check

Digital Check Remote Deposit Capture Cleaning Kit (KWDCC-K2W)

Digital Check Remote Deposit Capture Cleaning Kit
Part Number: KWDCC-K2W

Waffletechnology for Digital Check Scanners (KWDCC-CS1B15WS)

Waffletechnology® for Digital Check Scanners
Part Number: KWDCC-CS1B15WS
Starting at $36.72 for Box of 15 Cards

Importance of Equipment Care

– Enhance image quality
– Prevent manual corrections
– Reduce equipment downtime & maintenance issues
– Improve overall reliability
– Enhance your customers’ experience

Digital Check TellerScan TS500 Model
Digital Check TellerScan TS500