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“We are pleased to introduce the new Bixolon Waffletechnology® Thermal Printer Cleaning Card as part of an overall printer preventative maintenance program…By using this Bixolon approved product with a proper maintenance schedule, the printers will print clearer and last longer. The right tool was created using Waffletechnology.”

John Choi, Product Engineer


Our Waffletechnology® for thermal printers and thermal printer cleaning pens are the tools you need to keep your thermal paper or label printer operating at optimal efficiency. Dust, paper flash, glue residue, and other environmental contaminants will reduce print quality over time and perhaps even result in jamming. The best practice is to clean the thermal printer every time the media roll is replaced.

NSF Certified Waffletechnology Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards

Waffletechnology® for Thermal Receipt Printers, KW3-T36B15

Designed to effectively clean performance-critical surfaces inside thermal printer devices that use 3-inch media rolls.

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Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen with Chisel, KT-PJC2B12 

Our Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen with Chisel is designed to quickly remove contaminants from performance-critical surfaces inside thermal printers.

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Benefits of Routine Cleaning

  • Reduce costly repairs & maintenance
  • Reduce wasted media & swapouts
  • Improve print quality & performance
  • Prolong the life of the printhead