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Bixolon provides a wide array of innovative and advanced POS Receipt, Label and Mobile printer technologies for the Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Logistics markets and more. … BIXOLON’s philosophy is to provide a better solution for its customers and maintain a sustainable growth and contribution.

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Waffletechnology for 4-Inch Receipt Thermal Printers (KW3-T46B15)

Waffletechnology® for 4″ Thermal Printers
Part Number: KW3-T46B15
$20.41 per Box of 15 Cards

Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen with Chisel (KT-PJC2B12)

Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen
Part Number: KT-PJC2B12
$19.28 per Box of 12 Pens

Bixolon encourages and promotes a proprietary KICTeam thermal printer cleaning pen as part of standard business operations. We recommend cleaning the thermal printhead and platen roller with every label or thermal paper roll or ribbon stock change.”

Benefits of Equipment Care

  • Enhance your customers’ experience
  • Reduce the need for reprints and improve print quality
  • Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance issues
  • Prolong the life of the printhead and platen roller

Thermal Paper & Label Printers

KICTeams’s Waffletechnology® for thermal printers and thermal printer cleaning pens are the tools you need to keep your thermal paper or label printer operating at optimal efficiency. Dust, paper flash, glue residue, and other environmental contaminants will reduce print quality over time and perhaps even result in jamming. The best practice is to clean the thermal printer every time the media roll is replaced.