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Ingenico is the global leader in payments acceptance solutions. As the trusted technology partner for, financial institutions, retail chains and small merchants, their world-class terminals, solutions, and services enable the global ecosystem of payments acceptance.


“We have tested numerous cleaning products for our POS terminals and found that Waffletechnology was the right solution for our customers. And we will continue to provide them with our leadership and direction worldwide.”

Tammy Bouteldja, Peripherals Manager


Exclusively designed for Ingenico Card Reader Terminals, these cleaning cards provide a simple, safe and effective approach to removing disruptive buildup from the EMV read pins and magnetic stripe reader that occurs with normal card reader use.

Waffletechnology® for Ingenico Card Readers with 99.7% IPA (KWING-HSCB40)

Ingenico Card Reader Cleaning Cards, KWING-HSCB40 

This cleaning card allows associates to effectively maintain their Ingenico Card Reader Terminals in seconds! When used routinely, this OEM-approved product will help prevent card reader errors and failed transactions caused by dirt & debris buildup.

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Benefits of Routine Cleaning

  • Reduce card reader errors
  • Avoid expensive fallback fees
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Reduce maintenance & repair costs
  • Prolong card reader lifespan
  • Improve your customers’ experience