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Check scanners, cash recyclers, smart safes, and ATMs require routine cleaning to operate at peak performance. Dirty equipment slows down lines and an ATM that won’t read your customers’ cards creates inconvenience and frustration. KICTeam’s cleaning products prolong equipment lifespan, increase transactions, and support your business’ reputable brand.

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ATM machines are the familiar face of your company for many banking customers. Keeping them clean, safe to use, and fully functional isn’t hard if you have a plan. KIC works with all the major ATM OEM manufacturers to engineer solutions for the full system. Exterior cleaning focuses on touchscreens, keypads, and outer touchpoints. Internal cleaning of the card slot, bill and check validators, and printers is also supported. Learn about KIC’s full range of cleaning solutions for ATMs.

Credit Card Readers

Card Readers require routine maintenance to function correctly. Daily cleanings of the outer housing, display, and keypads ensure touch panels are not smudged and keys are not carrying contaminants. If you do not attend to this critical touchpoint, employees may take matters into their own hands and spray hand sanitizer onto your terminal. This can easily short out electronics, cause keys to stick, and ruin your equipment. Each month you must clear away debris and buildup in both the EMV slot and pins, and from the magnetic head in the swipe channel, or cards will be falsely rejected possibly leading to frustration and unnecessary service calls. Card Readers include stand-alone units at teller stations, embedded in ATM’s, and are sometimes built into kiosks. They all need to be cared for, if you want them to perform at their best. Learn more about cleaning card readers and find the right card for your specific model.

Cash Automation

Teller Cash Recyclers, Bill Counters, Coin Counters all need maintenance to function smoothly. The integrated bill validator sensors need to be cleaned to correctly ID denominations. Coin mechanisms require cleaning and lubrication. Touchscreen panels and outer housings need to be disinfected for the health of your staff. Learn more about each specific cash automation device and the range of KIC cleaning products recommended by each OEM.

Check Scanners

Fast check deposits require a scanner that works smoothly and accurately, and a clean check image sensor makes that happen. The outer housings on these products get touched every day and can carry germs among your staff. Find the correct cleaning card for your check scanner model and select cleaning products to keep the exterior parts clean and safer to use.

Kiosk & Self-Service

Informational touchscreen driven kiosks are popular with consumers – unless they’re smudged with fingerprints! Then these selling tools become a customer satisfaction nightmare as well as a safety hazard for users. Cleaning the screen and outer housing touchpoints is necessary to maintain full functionality. Learn more about our cleaning solutions for kiosks and self-service stations.

Point of Sale

Teller stations incorporate a range of devices to help get the job done: touchscreens, keyboards, pin pads, card slots, receipt printers, not to mention possible surrounding plexi panels and counter surfaces. KIC has the tools, agents, and materials you need to handle it all, and often in a convenient prepackaged kit. Learn more about our cleaning products for POS systems and assisted self-checkouts.

Printers & Copiers

Various printers and copiers at each branch help keep cash flowing and customer records straight. They all need regular cleaning of printheads, cleared paper paths, ink removal, and disinfecting of outer housings and controls. Clean printheads last FAR longer and limit costly replacements. KIC has worked with the major OEM leaders to create specific cleaning solutions for each type of printer. Find your printer or copier cleaning solution.

Touchscreens, Tablets, Monitors

Touchscreens are everywhere these days, at the teller station, the ATM, and on kiosks. Backroom Cash Automation systems have touchscreens now. Then add in mobile tablet computers, and digital signage that need cleaning and disinfecting, and you have a big job to do to keep everyone healthy and your systems fully functional. KIC has a broad range of products to make these cleaning chores quick, effective, and safer for the equipment itself. And no harsh chemicals that will streak, cloud, or crack displays! Learn more about cleaning and disinfecting digital displays and touchscreens.

Hard Surfaces

The counter tops and outer housings surrounding your equipment need to be maintained for everyone’s health, and we now often have what seems likes miles of plexiglass panels need to be cleaned on both sides to protect the health of your customers, staff, and brand image. KIC has the products that make this quick and effective. See our cleaning agents, wipes, and cloths for hard surfaces.