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Verifone is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, that provides technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point-of-sale.

The company sells merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service payment systems to the financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government and healthcare industries.

Their private label cleaning card, saturated with IPA, may be used for table top, handheld, and standalone payment terminal devices.

KICTeam’s non-IPA cleaning card is the only cleaning card that has been approved for use in Verifone UX300 technology within fuel pump stations due its non-flammable and non-hazardous qualities.

Waffletechnology for Verifone Card Readers (KWV-HSCB40)

Verifone Card Reader Cleaning Cards w/ IPA
Verifone PN: 2746-02 :: KIC PN: KWV-HSCB40 (IPA)
Starting at $32.40 per box of 40 Cleaning Cards

Countertop Credit Card Reader
Clean Routinely with Verifone’s IPA Cleaning Cards

Waffletechnology for Card Readers (KW3-AHSCB40M)

Waffletechnology® for Card Readers w/MiracleMagic™
Part Number: KW3-AHSCB40M (Non-IPA)
Starting at $36.72 per box of 40 Cleaning Cards

Petroleum Dispenser Card Reader UX300
Requires this approved non-IPA product only.

“Verifone encourages and promotes the use of the KICTeam Cleaning Card as part of their standard operations to help extend the life of their devices as well as reduce costly repairs. KICTeam is the only manufacturer of Verifone’s approved cleaning card incorporating the patented Waffletechnology® design.
Use of other non-approved products may invalidate the warranties.”

“We have evaluated your cleaning card and it has been approved for use with the UX 300 Card Reader. The card passed all our HQA testing.”

– David Munson, Global Relationship Manager, Verifone, Inc.

Benefits of Equipment Care

  • Reduce card reader errors and expensive fallback fees
  • Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance issues
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Improve your customer’s experience

Credit Card Readers

KIC’s patented Waffletechnology card, engineered for Verifone’s devices, will clean mPOS, countertop, pin pad, multilane, portable, and kiosk swipe and dip card slots. The unique waffled pattern on the card is extremely effective in safely removing dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants from pins and other sensitive internal components.