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Headquartered in Japan, the Kanematsu Group provides an array of products and services through extensive business operations focused on electronic devices, food and grain, steel, materials and plant, aerospace, and motor vehicles.

Kanematsu manufactures a diverse line of on-demand credential (ID) card printers and three of their most prestigious brands are SwiftColor, Swiftpro®, and Team NiSCA. KIC has partnered with Kanematsu to provide cleaning kits tailored to these technologies so that equipment owners can safely and reliably maintain the performance and function of their ID printing devices.

Select the model of your equipment below to learn more about the recommended cleaning solutions, how to order, and get access to videos that demonstrate how to clean.

SwiftPro K30D Double-Sided Retransfer Card Printer
SwiftColor SCC-4000D Oversized Credential Printer