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JCM Global is the worldwide leader and most trusted name in currency and transaction management, and its products are used in countries around the globe. For more than 50 years, customers have trusted JCM to develop innovative currency solutions for a diverse range of industries, including gaming, vending, retail, financial, transportation, security, and custom application.

JCM believes in constant innovation, growth, and diversification. In addition to the company’s core of engineers, every employee at JCM constantly strives to conceive of innovative solutions to improve the cash-handling process. We picture ourselves not as vendors, but as partners with our clients, deepening relationships by listening to their challenges, and creating leading solutions.

Waffletechnology for JCM Bill Validators (KWJCM-B1B15M)

Waffletechnology® for JCM Bill Validators
$39.69 per Box of 15 Cleaning Cards

Waffletechnology for JCM UBA/WBA Series Bill Validators (KWJCM-B2B15M)

JCM “UBA” & “WBA” Bill Validator Cleaning Cards
$39.69 per Box of 15 Cleaning Cards

JCM Global DBV 400 and 500 Series Bill Validators

DBV 400 and 500 Series Bill Validators

“The JCM Waffletechnology cleaning cards were designed with JCM Engineering to clean JCM DBV, WBA, and UBA Bill Validators. This card is unique because it offers custom design and utilizes a proprietary cleaning solution. The cleaning cards were tested extensively by JCM Engineering to ensure there is no residue or damage to any component, lens, or belts that come into contact with the cleaning solution. The JCM Waffletechnology cleaning cards were designed to be an integral part of an existing validator maintenance program.”

– David Kubajak, Director of Customer Service, JCM American Corporation

JCM Global UBA Pro Series Bill Validators

UBA Pro Bill Validators

Benefits of Equipment Care

  • Reduce jams & misfeeds
  • Reduce incidence or rejected bills
  • Reduce false-positive counterfeit alerts
  • Reduce maintenance & repair costs
  • Prolong bill validator lifespan
  • Improve your customer’s experience