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About RDM

RDM Corporation provides large financial institutions with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solutions designed to help their clients simplify the way they do business. RDM processes over $600 billion in payments annually and helps financial institutions increase revenue, expand market share and improve customer service for over 80,000 end users.


“During normal operation, all check scanners will collect dust and paper particles that cause MICR recognition & image quality issues as well as jams and misfeeds. The ScannerCare Cleaning Kit was specifically designed to remove these particles when used as a regular, preventive maintenance program. Other cleaning products can cause damage to RDM scanners, which is why this is the only cleaning card on the market that we authorize to clean our equipment.”

Leo Tintinalli, Senior Mgr. Product Development

Maintain RDM Check Scanner & Reader Performance

Use this RDM ScannerCare Cleaning Kit to remove dirt that is in the pathway. We recommend cleaning a minimum of every month or when encountering dirty device symptoms like failure to read, misreads, poor print or image quality.

RDM Scanner Care Cleaning Kit (KWRDM-K1WS)

RDM ScannerCare Cleaning Kit

Check scanners collect dust and paper particles that result in poor image quality or jamming or piggybacks. Featuring our patented Waffletechnology® this card will reach recessed areas and around irregular surfaces that flat cards can’t reach, resulting in a more thorough cleaning of the deposit module. Kit contains 12 cards, 12 device wipes, and detailed instructions.

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Benefits of Cleaning

  • Reduce jams and piggybacks
  • Reduce poor image quality and reader errors
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Reduce maintenance & repair costs
  • Reduce manual corrections
  • Improve your customers’ experience