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CleanNow Kit for McDonald’s

Our CleanNow Kit is tailored for McDonald’s fast-paced environment and gives restaurant workers an easy and safe approach to routinely clean their print & payment technology.

Here’s how it works!

Every month an envelope containing just enough single-use products to clean your restaurant’s technology is shipped from our warehouse to each participating McDonald’s location. When the envelope of product arrives onsite, a clear call to action to CLEAN NOW on the outer label will prompt the restaurant to perform their quick monthly cleaning to ensure their card readers, thermal printers and fingerprint scanner continue to function as expected. Once the cleaning is complete, all product is disposed of, and restaurant continues with daily operations until next month’s cleaning kit arrives in the mail.

Features & Benefits:

  • Improves Equipment Performance & Reliability
  • Reduces Service Calls & Hardware Replacements
  • User-Friendly & Requires No Special Training
  • Single-Use Kit Eliminates Need for Product Storage
  • Eliminates Inventory Management & Checklists
  • Optimized for Fast-Paced Environments

Kit Includes:

(4) Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards (cleans up to 12 thermal printers)
(3) Card Reader Cleaning Cards (cleans up to 10 card readers)
(1) Fingerprint Scanner Cleaning Wipe
(1) Easy-to-follow Instruction Sheet

CleanNow Kit for McDonalds' Thermal Printers and Credit Card Readers
CleanNow Kit for McDonald’s
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