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ATEC America Introduces Innovative Cleaning Products from KICTeam

KICTeam, Inc., announces that it is partnering with ATEC America, a leading manufacturer of cash management equipment, to provide performance improvement products for ATEC’s LTA family of Teller Cash Recyclers.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer two new products designed to maintain the accurate, high-reliability performance of ATEC Cash Recyclers that our customers have come to rely on,” says David Pepin, Managing Partner for ATEC America. “By partnering with KICTeam we’re able to offer our customers and service partners with industry leading products that ensure ongoing device performance.”

For equipment operators ATEC America is introducing a weekly cleaning kit that quickly and safely removes problematic debris that builds up over time. Each kit contains 13 weekly cleanings and is available with an auto-ship option, which allows equipment operators to buy a year’s worth of cleaning that will be automatically delivered on a quarterly basis.

For service partners there is a comprehensive cleaning kit that makes maintaining and restoring key components easier.

Ken Pedersen, Vice President of Business Development for KICTeam, Inc., says, “We are excited for the opportunity to support ATEC America and be their exclusive supplier of technology improvement products.” Cleaning kits, which utilize KIC’s proprietary Waffletechnology® cleaning cards and MiracleMagic® cleaning solution, are available online at kicteam.com/oem-atec/.

About ATEC America

ATEC America provides a more convenient and efficient financial transaction environment centered on users by creating the best products and services in the field of automation platforms through continuous technology development and innovation.

About KICTeam, Inc.

KICTeam manufactures safe and effective cleaning solutions for electronic devices in industries including QSR/Restaurant, Banking & Credit Unions, Grocery & Big Box Retail, C-Store & Specialty Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Hospitality, and Gaming, Vending & Amusement. KIC’s products have been evaluated and endorsed by over 50 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as being tough on dirt, germs, and grime yet gentle enough for everyday use on sensitive technology. Products and patented technology are manufactured at the headquarters facility in Auburn, Maine and distributed around the world.