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CashDro and KICTeam Embark on Technology Care Partnership

Barcelona, Spain, October 6, 2022 – KICTeam, Inc., is pleased to announce that it is partnering with CashDro, one of the World’s leading Pay Station manufacturers, to provide targeted cleaning solutions for their range of products.

KICTeam’s Head of Europe Antony Harris says, “We are very pleased to be able to offer Cashdro customers solutions to care for the range of Cashdro’s range of Pay Station products. The products deliver a simple, safe, and effective way to routinely remove disruptive build-up that accumulates with normal operations and leads to transaction failures.”

The specialized products utilize KICTeam’s proprietary Waffletechnology® cleaning cards and MiracleMagic® and CoinMagic® cleaning solutions for cash-handling technology. To further support the initiative we will develop documentation, videos, and general orientation to help Cashdro customers make the most of the recommended products for the whole range of Cashdro Pay Stations.

Luis Fernandez, MD of Cashdro, says, “Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining the machine’s performance and this partnership gives us the opportunity to recommend specific products to our customers that have been proven and tested as safe and effective, removing any doubts they may have of how and where to clean and what to use.”

About CashDro

Cashdro is a proven, robust pay station solution with tens of thousands of units installed across the world and is the safest smart drawer on the market. Unlike other drawers made of plastic or thin sheet, Cashdro is made of steel sheet up to 4mm thick. During the manufacturing process, welding and polishing are performed by robots to ensure best quality. Cashdro equipment is the smartest thanks to its self-diagnosis system and the automatic calculation of the deposit according to its own history of operations carried out. We also offer the best after-sales service thanks to an extensive network of certified technical services that monitors all installed equipment in real time and has a system of immediate shipment of parts for replacement in less than 24 working hours

About KICTeam, Inc.

KICTeam manufactures safe and effective cleaning solutions for electronic devices in industries including QSR/Restaurant, Banking & Credit Unions, Grocery & Big Box Retail, C-Store and Specialty Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Hospitality, and Gaming, Vending & Amusement. KIC’s products have been tested and endorsed by over 50 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as being tough on dirt, germs, and grime yet gentle enough for everyday use on sensitive technology. Products and patented technology are manufactured at the headquarters facility in Auburn, Maine and distributed around the world.