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Touchscreens, Monitors & Tablets

Keep Touchscreens Blemish, Fingerprint & Germ Free

KICTeam’s touchscreen cleaning wipes for monitors, tablets, and other devices is unique in the wipe market. Our non-abrasive cleaning wipes are presaturated with our proprietary ClearDisplayTM cleaning solution. Unlike screen cleaners that contain vinegar, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other solutions that have drying-out qualities, ClearDisplayTM won’t harm electronic devices and it leaves a pristine, streak-free finish. We’ve been told by many customers that once they tried KICWipesTM for Multisurface Cleaning, they never went back to using “off the shelf” products. It even does an excellent job on cleaning glasses! And for disinfecting, we recommend our DiSantech® Disinfecting Wipes – a botancially derived disinfectant that won’t harm sensitive technology and contains no chlorine, ammonia, bleach, alcohol, or other such harsh chemicals.

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