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CrystalVuTM Touchscreen Cleaner with Microfiber Cloths (K2-KCVZ1)

CrystalVuTM Touchscreen Cleaner with Microfiber Cloths (K2-KCVZ1)

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CrystalVu™ is the preferred, daily cleaner to safely clean and restore touchscreens. When used with the included microfiber cloths, this gentle streak-free formula will effectively remove dirt, oils, greasy smudges and germs without harming sensitive touchscreens or protective coatings.


  • Safely cleans and restores touchscreens
  • Fast-acting, streak-free formula
  • No ammonia. No alcohol. No bleach
  • NSF tested and certified

(1) 32oz. Spray Bottle with (2) Reusable Microfiber Cloths

Part Number: K2-KCVZ1


CrystalVuTM is the preferred, daily cleaner to keep touchscreen technology free of disruptive contaminants and working properly. This advanced, streak-free formula effectively removes dirt, fingerprints, greasy smudges, and grime that can impact touchscreen performance and the user’s experience. Unlike alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners, CrystalVu uses eco-friendly ingredients proven not to harm touchscreens or strip away sensitive protective coatings while cleaning. NSF certified for use in food processing areas.

Touchscreen technology; self-service kiosks, interactive touch displays, ATMs, self-checkout, point of sale, handhelds and more!

Features & Benefits

  • NSF Certified – Safe for use in food processing areas.
  • Eco-Friendly Formula – Specially formulated using non-hazardous ingredients (No Ammonia, No Alcohol) to safely and effectively remove the dirt, fingerprints, and greasy smudges that impact touchscreen performance.
  • Professional Microfiber Cloths – Our unique looped microfiber cloths provides users with an reusable, 100% lint-free, non-abrasive cleaning cloth that successfully lifts away contaminants all day long without harming sensitive touchscreen surfaces or coatings.
  • Streak-Free Finish – When used with our professional microfiber cloths, CrystalVuTM will quickly restore touchscreens and deliver a streak-free, crystal clean finish, regardless of how often you clean.
  • Protects Touchscreen Performance – Routine cleaning using CrystalVuTM keeps sensitive touchscreens free of excessive dirt and grime buildup shown to cause performance issues and irreversible damage.
  • Designed for Everyday Use – CrystalVuTM is the #1 recommended choice to keep touchscreen technology crystal clean and working properly from open to close.


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