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ATEC LTA Technician Cleaning Kits, 10CT



The ATEC LTA Technician Cleaning Kit offers users a safe, consistent and effective approach to removing problematic dirt & debris buildup from performance critical components within the teller cash recycler. A routine preventative cleaning program using the OEM approved cleaning kit ensures the TCR operates and processes transactions correctly as expected. Each cleaning kit performs one complete cleaning on a ATEC LTA Teller Cash Recycler. Includes 10 Complete Cleanings.

The cleaning card in this kit is intended only for use on ATEC LTA Teller Cash Recycler Models: LTA-350, LTA-380, and LT-450


  • OEM Approved Cleaning Kit
  • Standardizes the cleaning process
  • Significantly reduces time spent properly cleaning
  • Provides easy access for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Reduces damage caused by cleaning with unapproved tools/materials


  • (1) KICStick™ Long-Reach Cleaning Tool
  • (10) Technician Cleaning Kits
    •     (1) Waffletechnology® Cleaning Card
    •     (1) Scrubbing Pads (for KICStick™)
    •     (2) Swisels® 3-in-1 Cleaning Swab
    •     (1) Large, Microfiber Wipe (dry)
    •     (1) Cleaning Instruction Sheet
ATEC LTA Technician Cleaning Kits, 10CT (KWATC-KTCRTEC)
ATEC LTA Technician Cleaning Kits, 10CT