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ATEC-ASYS Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15CT

Exclusively designed for ASYS Currency Counters, these Waffletechnology® cleaning cards give users a quick, safe and effective solution to routinely clean and maintain their currency counter equipment. Each cleaning card is presaturated with MiracleMagic® a proprietary cleaning solution, individually packaged with easy-to-follow instructions, and most importantly, takes less than one minute to use from start to finish.


  • OEM Tested & Approved
  • Safely Removes Disruptive Cash Buildup
  • Helps Maintain High-Speed Performance
  • Prevents Miscounts & Jamming


  • Designed for use on ASYS Currency Counters.
  • Effectively removes disruptive cash buildup from sensors, lenses and other vital parts inside the currency counter.


(15) Individually Packaged Cleaning Cards Presaturated with MiracleMagic®

ASYS Currency Counter Cleaning Cards presaturated with MiracleMagic
ATEC-ASYS Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15CT
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