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“These approved products, when used properly, will not damage the check scanners and will not cause the voidance of any warranties. Further, Epson endorses the use of the Epson Check Scanner Cleaning Kit because of the cleaning effectiveness and that it is safe to use with our equipment. The use of unapproved cleaning methods may void the warranty. Although environmental conditions may dictate the frequency of cleaning, the cards should be used once per week or every 2,000 checks.”

 – Rahn Rampton, Product Manager, Epson

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Check Scanner

Keeping Your Check Scanners Clean is Essential to:

  • Increase Equipment Uptime
  • Reduce Costly Site Visits and Repairs
  • Improve Your Customers’ Experience
  • Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

KICTeam works with OEMs to design cleaning solutions specific to their devices. These cleaning cards are approved by the OEMs as the only ones that should be used to clean the devices. Non-approved cleaning products could negatively impact your device warranty.

OEM Check Scanner Cleaning Cards

Our cleaning cards, featuring Waffletechnology®, are specifically engineered to clean the optical lenses, check path, and rollers of check scanners. Just remove the print cartridge and run the card through the scanner just as you would a check! Waffletechnology® is the superior choice for cleaning.

Case Studies

RoutineDaily Cleaning

PerformanceWeekly Cleaning

KICWipes for Electronics with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) (K2-WLT50IPA70)

KICWipes™ for Electronics with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Formulated to quickly dissolve and lift away dirt, residue, grime, adhesive and other contaminants from internal electronic surfaces.

Cleaning Kit for Check Scanners (K2-KCIS)

Our check scanner cleaning kits provide you with everything you need to thoroughly clean your check scanner. Improve scanned image quality and reading accuracy, while significantly reducing misfeeds and frustrating manual data entries.

ClearDisplay 32oz Bottle K2-CCD32N1

ClearDisplay™ Screen & Technology Cleaner is an everyday multi-surface cleaner designed to gently breakdown and remove dust, germs, fingerprints and other contaminants from today’s sensitive screens and technology exteriors.

Cleaning Swab for Cash Handling Technology (K2-S6T50WS)

The Cleaning Swab for Cash Handling Technology is designed to effectively break down and remove dirt, grime, ink and other contaminants from performance-critical surfaces inside high-speed currency handling devices.

How toClean

Additional Products for Your Consideration:

Grab 'n Go Kit for Check Scanners

KIC’s convenient, all-in-one kits contain everything you need for a single cleaning session for the specified device.

Digital Check Branch Capture Cleaning Kit – 25 Cards, 5 Swabs & 2 Wipes/Box
Digital Check Remote Deposit Capture Cleaning Kit – 5 Cards, 1 Swab & 1 Wipe/Box
Epson Check Scanner Cleaning Kit – 16 Cards, 4 Swabs & 4 Wipes/Box
Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Kit – 25 Cards, 25 Wipes & 6 Swabs/Box
RDM ScannerCare Cleaning Kit – 12 Cards, 12 Wipes/Box

KIC's Family of Presaturated Wipes

Our Pre-saturated wipes permit quick, convenient, hassle-free cleaning and sanitizing of external equipment and hard surfaces.  The individually pouched format maintains accurate saturation and works well for field service technicians as well as end users.   ClearDisplayTM and IPA are appropriate for sensitive touchscreens, monitors, displays, and external cleaning of hard surfaces. SheerDeviceTM wipes were specifically engineered for heavy-duty grease, dirt, and oily environments – restaurants, fast food establishments, and gas stations find them very effective.

KIC Cleaning Agents

KIC has engineered a number of cleaning agents for cleaning technology. It is important to use the correct cleaning agent for each application.  MiracleMagicTM is effective for cleaning the internal components of cash automation technology (ATMs, bill/note validators, bill acceptors, and coin counters) while ClearDisplayTM and IPA are appropriate for external cleaning.

Microfiber Dry Wiping Cloths

Dry Wipers and Microfiber Cloths are typically used with our bottles of cleaning agents. You should never spray the agents directly on your equipment.  Direct spray risks forcing the fluid behind bezels, behind keys, and into the electronic components which can easily damage them.

KIC Cleaning Tools & Applicators

We have a number of useful tools and applicators to make cleaning your devices even more effective. KICPads are excellent for tough, stuck on dirt and debris. KICTeam’s Swisel®, with a soft swab end and a scraping chisel on the other, is wonderful for getting into tight spaces. Our swabs work well for cleaning keypads, keyboards, and other in-between spaces where a gentle scrub is needed.