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Cleaning Agents

Exterior Cleaning & Disinfecting Agents

First ask, what exactly am I trying to clean away? Currency leaves behind fibers and oil from the users hands. Checks drop paper dust and ink. Printers collect adhesive, paper dust, and debris. Picking the right cleaning agent for the specific job at hand is important if you want to work quickly yet thoroughly. KIC offers several unique cleaning agents across our line.

Some cleaning agents may not be available in all regions, please contact your local KIC office for further information.

KICTeam family of cleaning agents

KIC Agents include solutions for cleaning and disinfecting, each formulated for a specific type of contaminant, device, or purpose. We recommend using our microfiber cloths with our cleaning agents. They absorb liquid well, disperse the liquid evenly over surfaces, and don’t leave papery fibers or lint dust behind.

DiSantech Disinfectant 32oz. Spray Bottle

DiSantechTM Disinfectant
32oz. (946ml) Bottle with Trigger Spray

  • Kills Over 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses* – Citric acid-based germicidal (botanically derived)
  • Meets EPA’s requirements for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19
  • Rinse-free formula – Safe to use on exterior surfaces: touchscreens, keypads, acrylics & plastics
  • Not available outside of the United States
  • Important disclaimer information
ClearDisplay Cleaning Agent K2-CCD32N1

ClearDisplayTM Screen & Technology Cleaner
32oz. (946ml) Bottle with Trigger Spray

– For touchscreens, displays, monitors and tablets
– Removes dust, germs, and smudges
– Dries completely clear
– Use as part of daily cleaning process and prior to disinfecting

MiracleMagic 32oz Bottle K2-CMM32N1

MiracleMagicTM Cash Handling Technology Cleaner
32oz. (946ml) Bottle with Trigger Spray

– For cleaning belts, rollers, sensors, lenses, printheads & transport systems
– Designed to penetrate and loosen dirt
– Anti-static properties – Non-flammable, non-toxic
– Safe for use on a wide range of plastics, rubbers, and materials
– Also comes in 8oz. bottle with turret top and 8oz. bottle with finger spray

SheerDevice 32oz Bottle K2-CSD32N1

SheerDeviceTM Heavy-Duty Cleaner
32oz. (946ml) Bottle with Trigger Spray

– Powerful grease and heavy-duty dirt remover
– Non-flammable, non-toxic
– Safe to use on touchscreens, monitors & tablets
– Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, grease, oils

Electronic Cleaner with 70% IPA 32oz Bottle K2-C703032N1

Electronic Cleaner with 70% IPA
32oz. (946ml) Bottle with Turret Top

– OEM Recommended
– VOC & GHS Compliant
– Quick & effective contamination removal on electronic surfaces
– Also comes in 8oz.bottle with turret top and 4oz. bottle with flip-top cap

Electronic Cleaner with 99% IPA 32oz Bottle K2-C9932N1

Electronic Cleaner with 99.7% IPA
32oz. (946ml) with Turret Top

– Fast Drying
– VOC & GHS Compliant
– Quick & effective contamination removal on electronic surfaces