Keep Your POS System Clean, Operational & Efficient

Routine weekly cleaning of your POS System card readers, thermal printers, and handhelds increases equipment longevity and improves your customers’ experience

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“NCR wanted to maximize front-end through put and increase customer loyalty with optimum card reads. The study was conducted on 723 modules that were pre-tested to ensure they failed the card reader test. The same modules were then thoroughly cleaned using Waffletechnology® cards and retested using the same testing procedure. 78% of POS modules were considered recovered by registering 5/5 card reads during testing after the cleaning cards were used.”


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Cleaning Solutions for Card Reader Technology

Waffletechnology® for Card Readers

Don’t let disruptive buildup interfere with card transactions. Fully harness your card reader performance with our OEM recommended cleaning cards. When used routinely, these specialty cleaning cards will help reduce transaction errors and hardware replacements by 70%.

NSF Certified Waffletechnology Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards
Waffletechnology® for Thermal Printers

Take the guesswork out of cleaning with these easy-to-use cleaning cards. Waffletechnology® is trusted and recommended by OEMs to safely clean and restore in seconds! NSF Certified Safe.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated CardsWaffletechnology for Thermal ID & Receipt Printers15ct
Grab n' Go Cleaning Kits for POS Systems

Grab n’ Go Cleaning Kits for POS Systems

Everything you need to clean your Point-of-Sale Terminal in the palm of your hand. These specialty cleaning products are designed to effectively clean and restore the components of your POS System: card readers, thermal printers, handheld devices, and touchscreens.

Thermal Printer Cleaning Pens with 99.7% Isopropyl Alcohol

Make quick work of cleaning with our reusable cleaning pen to safely remove disruptive buildup from the thermal printhead without damaging sensitive surfaces. NSF Certified Safe.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Cleaning PenThermal Printer Cleaning Pens with Scraper Cap12ct
Retail Touchscreen Cleaner, CrystalVu

CrystalVuTM Touchscreen Cleaner

The preferred daily cleaner to safely keep touchscreen technology clean and working properly. The gentle streak-free formula effectively removes dirt, fingerprints, and greasy smudges that can impact touchscreen performance and the overall user experience. NSF Certified Safe.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
BottleCrystalVu Touchscreen Cleaner32oz
SheerDevice Family of Products

SheerDeviceTM Heavy-Duty Cleaner

A powerful, heavy-duty cleaner formulated to cut through the toughest grease, oil, and environmental buildup, yet gentle enough for use on sensitive surfaces. Contains no harmful chemicals and quickly restores the most heavily soiled surfaces from oily fuel stations , greasy restaurant touchscreens, to industrial handheld devices.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated WipeKICWipes for Heavy Grease & Soil50ct
Presaturated PadKICPad for Heavy Grease & Soil24ct
BottleSheerDevice Heavy-Duty Cleaner Cleaner32oz