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Glory CI-5/CI-10 Quick Cleaning Kit

CI-5/CI-10 Quick Cleaning Kit - 26 Cleanings/Kit - Part #: 14002557
To Order: 1-800-527-2638

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Why Clean?

  • Boost TCR Performance
  • Minimize jams and rejected notes
  • Improve your customers’ experience
  • Remove contaminants and problematic buildup quickly and easily
  • Reduce equipment downtime and costly repairs
  • Easy-to-follow instructions allow tellers to clean in under 3 minutes

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Maintain your Glory CI-5 / CI-10 Cash Recycler using a Quick Cleaning Kit. Developed with patented technologies, the kit offers users a simple, safe and effective approach to removing problematic buildup from critical components inside Cash Recyclers.

The kits are conveniently package and provide cleanings for a full quarter (13 weeks), feature easy-to-follow cleaning instructions and takes less than 3 minutes to use from start to finish! Routine cleaning using the Quick Cleaning Kit will ensure the Cash Recycler operates properly as expected.

Recommended use is 1 to 2 cleanings per week.


  • Trusted Waffletechnology® card design
  • Easy-to-follow, multilingual cleaning instructions
  • Scannable QR code to watch “How to Clean” video


  • Significantly reduces jam and reject rates
  • Designed for cleaning technology surfaces
  • Improves overall customer experience
  • Simple, safe, and effective approach to cleaning


“Simple front line weekly cleaning has shown to be the easiest and cost effective way to optimize performance and reliability.”
Pascal Godard, Manager – Product QA & Support Services, Glory


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