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Safe, Streak-Free Touchscreen Cleaning & Disinfecting Wipes

Touchscreens, monitors, tablets & kiosk displays are constantly handled. They need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their performance, protect the health of your staff and customers, and keep digital interface surfaces free of fingerprints, smudges & debris. Cleaning with approved products designed for the specific device and following the advice of each device manufacturer is the best way to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency. Using unapproved cleaning products can result in damage to your equipment and voided warranties.

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Touchscreens and Monitors

Cleaning the sensitive electronics used to make displays touch-sensitive requires unique engineering. You need cleaning and disinfecting products that are thorough and effective, but are gentle on the underlying technology. Cleaning tablets and large monitors (such as menu boards) also demand special formulas. KIC offers exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can help you.

Computer Monitor Being Cleaned by Wipe

When touchscreens and displays are covered in fingerprints the digitizers can get “confused” and prevent touch recognition. Oils, dirt, and germs are transferred from the user’s hands to the surface and as these contaminants build-up they interfere with proper functioning of the equipment. Germ build up is also a health and safety hazard. No one wants to use a touchscreen covered with smudges and visible fingerprints.

RoutineDevice Cleaning

KICWipes for Multi-Surface Cleaning (K2-WLT50CD)

KICWipes™ for Multi-Surface Cleaning deliver exceptional cleaning results on nearly every soiled hard surface, from device coverings to sensitive screens & displays.

DiSantech Wipes Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (K2-WC100DS)
DiSantech Wipes® Disinfectant is an EPA List N registered and NSF approved disinfectant botanically derived from citric acid. This powerful disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and will damage the sensitive surfaces of ATM.  Use routinely throughout the day to keep your customers and staff safe. Also available in a 32oz. spray bottle for use with lint-free cloths

How toClean

Additional Products for Your Consideration:

KIC's family of cleaning wipes for technology

Our Pre-saturated wipes come in two formats: 100-count canisters or individually pouched. These wipes permit quick, convenient, hassle-free cleaning and sanitizing of external equipment and hard surfaces.  The individually pouched format works well for field service technicians while canisters are great to have on hand in the storage room.   ClearDisplayTM, IPA, and DiSantech® disinfectant are appropriate for sensitive touchscreens, monitors, displays, and external cleaning of hard surfaces. SheerDeviceTM wipes were specifically engineered for heavy-duty grease, dirt, and oily environments – restaurants, fast food establishments, and gas stations find them very effective.

KICTeam Cleaning Agents

KIC has engineered a number of cleaning agents for cleaning technology. It is important to use the correct cleaning and disinfecting agent for each application.  MiracleMagicTM is effective for cleaning the internal components of cash automation technology (ATMs, bill/note validators, bill acceptors, and coin counters) while ClearDisplayTM, IPA, and DiSantech® disinfectant are appropriate for external cleaning.

Microfiber Dry Wiping Cloths

Dry Wipers and Microfiber Cloths are typically used with our bottles of cleaning and disinfecting agents. You should never spray the agents directly on your equipment.  Direct spray risks forcing the fluid behind bezels, behind keys, and into the electronic components which can easily damage them.

KIC Cleaning Tools & Applicators

We have a number of useful tools and applicators to make cleaning your devices even more effective. KICPads are excellent for tough, stuck on dirt and debris. KICTeam’s Swisel®, with a soft swab end and a scraping chisel on the other, is wonderful for getting into tight spaces. Our swabs work well for cleaning keypads, keyboards, and other in-between spaces where a gentle scrub is needed.