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Maximize Operational Efficiency & Reduce Downtime

Reduce transaction errors, improve operational efficiency, and optimize for fast, accurate performance by routinely cleaning smart safe components such as thermal printers, touchscreens, and note validators

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“Waffletechnology® is the only cleaning card approved by Tidel, having proven to be an easy way to safely remove buildup from validator lenses and pathways.”

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Waffletechnology® for Cash Acceptors (KW3-BCWB15M)

Waffletechnology® for Cash Acceptors

Easy-to-use cleaning card designed to safely clean and restore internal components to maintain high acceptance rates and ensure bill validators perform as expected. Simply insert the presaturated, disposable cleaning card on a routine basis to maintain proper note acceptor performance.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated CardWaffletechnology for Cash Acceptors15ct
Presaturated CardWaffletechnology for Note Validators, 82mm15ct
Grab n' Go Cleaning Kit for Smart Safe Technology

TotalCareTM Cleaning Kit for Smart Safes

Take the guess work out of how to properly clean! Our TotalCare Kits are conveniently packaged with single-use cleaning products that quickly deliver the routine cleaning your Smart Safe needs.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Cleaning KitGrab n' Go Kit for Smart Safes1 Cleaning
NSF Certified Waffletechnology Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards

Waffletechnology® for Thermal Printers

Take the guesswork out of cleaning with these easy-to-use cleaning cards. Waffletechnology® is trusted and recommended by OEMs to safely clean and restore in seconds! NSF Certified Safe.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated CardsWaffletechnology for Thermal ID & Receipt Printers15ct
Clear Display Multi-Surface Cleaning for the Gaming & Vending Industry

ClearDisplayTM Screen & Technology Cleaner

The everyday cleaner formulated to safely break down and remove greasy smudges, germs, and other contaminants from sensitive ATM components.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
BottleClearDisplay Screen & Technology Cleaner32oz
Presaturated WipeClearDisplay Screen & Technology Cleaner50ct
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