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Keep Pay Station Operation at Peak Performance

Prevent equipment downtime and improve note acceptance rates by routinely cleaning pay station technology

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“Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining the machines’ performance and this partnership gives us the opportunity to recommend specific products to our customers that have been proven and tested as safe and effective, removing any doubts they may have of how and where to clean and what to use.”


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Waffletechnology® for Cash Acceptors (KW3-BCWB15M)

Waffletechnology® for Cash Acceptors

Easy-to-use cleaning card designed to safely clean and restore internal components to maintain high acceptance rates and ensure bill validators perform as expected. Simply insert the presaturated, disposable cleaning card on a routine basis to maintain proper note acceptor performance.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated CardWaffletechnology for Cash Acceptors15ct
Presaturated CardWaffletechnology for Note Validators, 82mm15ct
KICWipes™ for Coin Sorting Technology, Large Wipes (K2-WLT50CM)

KICWipesTM for Coin Recyclers

KICTeam’s trusted 2-in-1 cleaning wipe is designed to safely break down and lift away contaminants inside coin recyclers while simultaneously lubricating to help maintain fast, jam-free performance. These cleaning wipes are OEM recommended and available in convenient single-use packs.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated WipeKICWipes for Coin Sorting Technology50ct
Clear Display Multi-Surface Cleaning for the Gaming & Vending Industry

ClearDisplayTM Screen & Technology Cleaner

The everyday cleaner formulated to safely break down and remove greasy smudges, germs, and other contaminants from sensitive internal components.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
BottleClearDisplay Screen & Technology Cleaner32oz
Presaturated WipeClearDisplay Screen & Technology Cleaner50ct
Cleaning Solutions for Cash Handling Technology

Pay Station Technology Cleaning Tools

Engineered to effectively clean and restore internal pay station components and surfaces.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
BottleMiracleMagic Cash Handling Technology CleanerMultiple Sizes
Presaturated WipeKICWipes for Cash Handling Technology50ct
Presaturated PadKICPad for Cash Handling Technology24ct
Chisel/SwabSwisel 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool50ct
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