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Improve Performance & Reduce Downtime

For label and linerless label printers to function properly, it is critical to maintain low levels of label residue and debris that occur with normal operation. Regularly cleaning your printers with our tested and approved products will help improve performance, prevent poor print quality, and most importantly, reduce downtime and service costs.

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“KIC has proven to be a great partner. They have worked with us to develop cleaning products that provide a more effective cleaning solution with reduced time on site.”

Label Printer Cleaning Wipes with PrintMint Cleaning Agent

Label Printer Cleaning Wipes with PrintMint™

These cleaning wipes are specifically designed to remove sticky label residue from sensitive printer surfaces and are the most effective solution available to help improve performance and label print quality.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated WipeLabel Printer Cleaning Wipes with PrintMint™100ct, 10ct, Bulk
Cleaning Solutions for Thermal Label Printer Technology

Label Printer Cleaning Cards

These cleaning cards are expertly designed for label printers and give front-line workers a simple, safe and fast approach to routinely maintain their fleet of label printers without any special training for use.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails*
Presaturated CardsWaffletechnology for Linerless Label Printers13ct
KICPad for Thermal Printers with Drying Pad (K2-SCBLT12)

Label Printer Cleaning Tools

Easily remove tough label buildup from the platen roller, printhead and cutter with this versatile dual-sided cleaning tool with a textured side for safe scrubbing and a soft microfiber side for cleaning.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated PadKICPad for Thermal Printers with Drying Pad12ct
Label Printer Cleaning Case Study - Cleaned printer print heads lasted 3X longer with routine maintenance


Routine cleaning of thermal printer printheads extended their lifespan by 3X.

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