Reduce Costly Fallback Fees & Unnecessary Swapouts

Credit card reader terminals require routine care to prevent failed transactions, costly downtime, and hardware replacements. Our specialized cleaning solutions are simple to use, OEM tested and proven to safely remove contaminants from inside card reader technology equipment on a routine basis.

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“Ingenico has tested and validated the effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning cards. KIC’s proprietary Waffletechnology® cleaning cards provided the most cost-effective and safest solution available.”

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Cleaning Solutions for Card Reader Technology

Waffletechnology® for Card Readers

The easiest and most cost effective approach to maintain fast and secure card transactions. When used routinely, these cleaning cards will lower fallback rates and hardware replacements by up to 70%!

Clear Display Multi-Surface Cleaning for the Gaming & Vending Industry

ClearDisplayTM Screen & Technology Cleaner

The everyday cleaner formulated to safely break down and remove greasy smudges, germs, and other contaminants from card reader technology.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
BottleClearDisplay Screen & Technology Cleaner32oz
Presaturated WipeClearDisplay Screen & Technology Cleaner50ct
POS System Card Reader Case Study with Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards


Cleaning restored 78% of faulty payment terminal card readers.