Maintain Reliable, Jam-Free Performance

Maintain high-speed coin sorter counting and accuracy by implementing a routine cleaning process. KIC has the products you need to be successful.

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“These cleaning wipes will help your equipment count coins quickly, accurately, and will help reduce equipment downtime and service calls.”

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Coin Sorter Cleaning Wipes for Magner Technology

Cleaning Wipes for Coin Sorter Technology

These trusted 2-in-1 cleaning wipes are designed to safely break down and lift away contanimants while simultaneously lubricating to help maintain fast, jam-free performance. Magner’s OEM-recommended wipes are available in convenient, single-use packs.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated WipeCleaning Wipes for Magner Coin SortersMagner Logo40ct
Presaturated WipeKICWipes for Coin Sorting Technology50ct
How to Clean Technology with Swabs

Cleaning Swabs for Coin Sorters

Designed to effectively break down and remove dirt, grime, ink and other contaminants from performance-critical surfaces inside high-speed currency handling devices. These specialty swabs outperform others by using a premium, ultra-soft swab head material and a controlled amount of specialized cleaning formula specifically designed for precision contamination removal on technology exteriors.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Presaturated SwabCleanPro Swabs for Cassida Coin SortersCassida Logo15ct
Presaturated SwabCleaning Swab for Currency Automation Technology50ct
Grab n' Go Cleaning Kit for Coin Sorter Technology (K2-KCSN1)

Grab n’ Go cleaning Kit for Coin Sorters

Everything you need to clean your Coin Sorter in the palm of your hand. Our Grab ‘n Go Cleaning Kit for Sorters contains single-use, specialty cleaning products designed to effectively clean and restore coin sorter technology. The kits are easy-to-use, conveniently packaged for simple storing/access and preferred around the world for quick and easy contamination control.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
Cleaning KitGrab n' Go Kit for Coin Sorters1 Cleaning
Cleaning Solutions for Cash Handling Technology

Coin Sorter Technology Cleaning Tools

Engineered to effectively clean and restore internal coin sorter components and surfaces.

Product TypeDescriptionDetails
BottleMiracleMagic Cash Handling Technology CleanerMultiple Sizes
Presaturated WipeKICWipes for Cash Handling Technology50ct
Presaturated PadKICPad for Cash Handling Technology24ct
Chisel/SwabSwisel 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool50ct