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Service Program

Enabling effective and efficient technology cleaning for over 20 years

KIC engineers work closely with more than 50 equipment manufacturers to understand the specific capabilities of their devices, and
how to maintain and restore system performance through cleaning. KIC engineers also ensure that our cleaning products are safe to use, so they won’t harm the equipment, your staff, or the environment.

What are the benefits of cleaning technical devices?

KIC Logo ChevronImprove execution against your SLA’s - Ensure equipment is maintained to meet your uptime commitments.
KIC Logo ChevronMaintains peak performance – Equipment works the first time, every time. Well-maintained systems require fewer truck rolls.
KIC Logo ChevronReduce onsite time – Using KIC products means cleaning is done quickly, consistently, and thoroughly. Specially designed AutoClean™ cards automate many tasks.
KIC Logo ChevronReduce damage – Using approved products and cleaning tools minimizes the risk of equipment damage from cleaning. KIC cleaning tools, such as our Swisel™ brand chisel/swabs, are effective against stubborn gunk, but are specifically engineered to avoid damaging sensitive internal components. Special purpose cleaning agents work best, and will not attack plastics, displays, seals, or keypad legends, unlike many industrial cleaning solvents.
KIC Logo ChevronReduce spare parts and related costs. One manufacturer found 78% of their “failed” devices were “recovered” in the depot just by a thorough cleaning. Performing this cleaning in the field means lower spare parts, no shipping costs, and eliminates potential returns when spares aren’t available at the first visit.
KIC Logo ChevronReduce help desk calls. Fewer failures or “poor performance” complaint calls received.
KIC Logo ChevronRevenue opportunities. Cleaning consumables can be added to maintenance agreements to generate new sources of recurring revenue and to help ensure customer loyalty. Promote the same products your service techs use as a self-service maintenance option.

Why work with KIC?

Yechnology Cleaning Expertise


For over 20 years, KIC engineers have been working in partnership with equipment manufacturers to thoroughly understand the unique cleaning requirements of each model. Utilizing patented design elements, such as Waffletechnology™ and AutoClean™ cards, KIC engineers create cleaning products that are thorough, work quickly, and will not damage sensitive lenses and sensors or other internal components. We offer different cleaning agents to address unique customer environments (such as high-grease, currency oils, print media adhesives, printer inks, etc) often seen in ATM’s, cash handlers, printers, credit card readers, kiosks, point of sale systems).

In-House Engineering and On-Site Manufacturing


KIC engineers usually work with your equipment directly in our labs to prototype and fine-tune our products. We then specify materials and often produce our own finished products. This gives our engineers immediate and on-going feedback to ensure new offers are working as intended.

Flexible Go-To Market Model


KIC are currently working with OEM’s in several go-to-market models. Some OEM’s prefer to white-label KIC products and handling all the marketing and sales themselves. Others work with co-branded offerings both teams can take to market. Other OEM’s simply recommend KIC products and the specific SKU’s designed for their models. KIC is flexible and happy to review the pros and cons of each GTM approach.

Marketing Support


KIC is actively engaging and educating customers in retail, restaurants, quick service shops, banking, and transportation and logistics, about the need for technical cleaning and the need to use technology-safe products. Industry associations such as National Retail Federation, National Association of Convenience Stores, National Restaurant Association, and the ATM Industry Association are also providing educational content on cleaning to their members. KIC is eager to work in cooperation with OEM marketing teams to supplement your on-going customer communications on this topic as well.

Educational Content


KIC works closely with OEM’s to develop the detailed step-by-step cleaning protocols to be followed. KIC can provide supporting images and the artwork you can use in manuals and online resources. KIC can help design instructional guides, videos, best practice guides, and Standard Operating Practice maps. Multi-language support on the packaging and instructional materials.

Global Distribution Capabilities


KIC are happy to work with OEM’s and customers to arrange global distribution from large depot delivery through to store-by-store rollouts, to as many locations as needed for optimal customer convenience. We’re flexible and work as partners in fulfillment.

Auto-Replenishment Options


A new option for Service teams is to sign customers up for subscription (Monthly, Quarterly) shipments to replenish cleaning consumables. Once the agreement is signed and instructions to KIC are confirmed, you can relax, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll enjoy recurring revenue without continuing sales efforts. Customers can safely maintain their equipment with approved, technology-safe products – discourages them from making poor choices for do-it-yourself cleaning.