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5 Rights of Cleaning

Learn why the right cleaning agent, tools, process, schedule, and communications are key to device performance.

The Right Cleaning Agent


Agent refers to the cleaning solution used. There are different agents that are appropriate for flooring, walls, fabric, surfaces, and technology. Some agents are engineered for internal cleaning of technology – for removing dust, oils, ink, adhesive, and other residue from rollers, metal guides, lenses, sensors, and other technical components. Other agents are designed to clean and disinfect exterior surfaces – plastic housings, keypads, displays. It is important to use the right agent to avoid damage to what you are cleaning, and for your safety.

The Right Tools


Tools refers to the equipment or carrier for the agent, which might be a mop or a wipe. For technology, it might be a KIC Waffletechnology™ card, KIC Autoclean™ card, a microfiber towel, a wipe, a special scraping stick or swab or pad. KIC tools are specially engineered to clean faster, more consistently and thoroughly, get at hard-to-reach areas, and do not cause damage.

The Right Process


Process refers to the steps you must follow. Some devices require you to clean first, then disinfect, then possibly polish say a touchscreen. Some methods call for basic elbow-grease with an agent on a wipe, others will utilize a specially-designed cleaning card to automate internal cleaning.

The Right Schedule


Schedule refers to the frequency for each step or process – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It is important to build a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for cleaning. For technology, exterior housings, keypads, and touchscreens should be cleaned and disinfected at least daily today. Interior cleaning needs range from weekly to monthly depending on the device and usage.

The Right Communications


Communications refers to educating your staff on what, how, and when to clean; and to explain to your customers, both on-site and online, that this work is being done for their comfort and safety. Your staff knowing which cleaning solution to use is paramount to the care of your equipment.