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Use the slider to see how this POS Station’s screen was restored after using CrystalVuTM Touchscreen Cleaner

The Difference is Crystal-Clear

CrystalVuTM Touchscreen Cleaner, KICTeam’s newest technology cleaning innovation, quickly cleans, restores and protects your sensitive screens in seconds.

No harmful ammonia, alcohol, or chlorine
Dries quickly and leaves a streak-free finish
Gentle, eco-friendly formula
CrystalVu Touchscreen Cleaner is Safe & Effective on Touchscreen Technology
CrystalVu Touchscreen Cleaner Maintains Reliable Touchscreen Performance
CrystalVu Touchscreen Cleaner Leaves Behind a Streak-Free Finish
CrystalVu Touchscreen Cleaner Includes Two Reusable Microfiber Cloths