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Kanematsu Team NiSCA PR-C151 Dual-Sided Printer

Kanematsu Team NiSCA PR-C151 Dual-Sided Printer

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Why Clean?

  • Avoid print defects and errors
  • Minimize jams and misfeeds
  • Improve equipment performance
  • Remove contaminants and debris from rollers & print heads
  • Reduce equipment downtime and costly repairs
  • Keep ID Card images crisp, clean, and clear

Cleaning Card, Single, Part Number: K2910-ANSCN1


The PRC-151 offers a small foot-print, 24-bit color, 256-Grayscale, security lamination, encoding options and prints at the astounding speed of over 144* cards/hour! The PR-C151 has the same NiSCA quality, manufactured in their ISO certified production facility. The printer offers brilliant 24-bit images printed on CR80 cards with thicknesses ranging from 20 mil – 50 mil (.25mm-1.27mm) (10 mil Special Order). The PR-C151 is available with options for MagStripe encoding and security lamination with the addition of the PR-L151 laminator.


Adhesive Cleaning Card:

  • (1) Scored, Adhesive Cleaning Card
  • Part Number: K2910-ANSCN1
  • Note: To clean, peel away all 3 scored sections to expose all of the card’s adhesive.

Features & Benefits

  • 24-bit Color
  • Dual Sided, Direct-to-Card Printing
  • Built-in Ethernet Interface
  • 100,000 Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Supports Magnetic & Contactless Encoding
  • Optional Laminator Available