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Kiosk & Self-Service Cleaning

Dirt is the number one reason kiosk transactions fail

Kiosk, including those for ordering, ticketing and vending, are mission-critical for quick service restaurants, ticketing,
vending systems, and retail stores. Kiosks can include
displays or touchscreens, keyboards, credit card readers,
pin pads, printers, and bill validators.

Each of these elements is constantly handled and need
to be cleaned regularly, inside and out, to maintain their performance, and to protect the health of your staff,
customers, and brand.

Dirty technology leads to:

Transaction Failures – Inefficiency – Downtime – Health Hazards – Customer Dissatisfaction

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Devices should be cleaned routinely throughout the day and wipes should be made available for employees and customers to use as needed. Equipment should be disinfected on a planned schedule.

  • For everyday cleaning use our ClearDisplay™ solution as it is gentle on technology and a highly effective cleaner.


Critical components should be cleaned either weekly or monthly depending on environment and usage. Ordering the correct cleaning products and following the defined process that each manufacturer recommends ensures the most thorough cleaning. Many KIC products were designed jointly with each equipment manufacturer and often include patented design elements such as KIC Waffletechnology™ to ensure they clean all internal surfaces. Many customers prefer Grab N Go Kits which include all necessary products in one pouch to maintain each equipment type:

Self Checkout

  • Grab N Go Kits: KW3-KPOS2N1
    • 1-Waffletechnology for Card Readers
    • 1-Waffletechnology for Thermal Printers
    • 1-ClearDisplay Wipe
    • 1-70% IPA Wipe
    • 1-Swisel
    • 1-Lint-Free Dry Cloth

Card Readers

  • Ingenico: KWING-HSCB40
  • Verifone: KWV-HSCB40
  • Universal: KW3-AHSCB40M
    • How to Clean:
      • Insert and remove the cleaning card in the EMV slot like a credit card.
      • Flip the card over and repeat several times.
      • Slide the card through the mag swipe slot of the reader several times.

Thermal Printers

  • 2” Card: KW3-T26B15
  • 3” Card: KW3-T36B15
  • 4” Card: KW3-T46B15
  • Swisel: K2-SWIST50
  • Wipe: K2-WLT50IPA70
    • How to Clean:
      • Turn off your printer and remove the media roll.
      • Place the Waffletechnology cleaning card into the printer where the label roll goes, leaving one end of the card extending out of the printer.
      • Close the printer and pull the card out to clean the printer.
      • Load your media and turn the printer back on.
      • If there is adhesive build-up on the printer, use the Swisel or cleaning pen to remove it. Pay special attention to the cutter, the edges of the roller, and printhead for excess buildup.

Bill Validators

  • Bill Validator Cleaning Card: KW3-BMB15M
    • How to Clean:
      • Insert the cleaning card like a normal dollar bill.
      • The card will be pulled into the feed and then returned.
      • Repeat several times, flipping or rotating the card each time.