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Importance of Cleaning Technology

Businesses today rely on technology to keep lines moving; point of sale systems, credit card readers, printers, self-checkout stations, kiosks, and digital displays. These systems need to be cleaned regularly, inside and out, to maintain their performance, and to protect the health of your staff, customers, and brand.

Dirty technology leads to:


Cleaning with approved materials designed for the specific application and following the process each device manufacturer recommends is the best way to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Technology Cleaning is Different

Cleaning technical systems requires more than a quick wipe down with rag you used to clean the countertop. Many systems require cleaning of slots, rollers, and metal guides. Using typical industrial cleaning agents will damage technical devices; cause plastics or displays to crack or haze, touch screens to become inoperable, payment terminals to fail, and can destroy keypads and their markings. Ignoring cleaning the outside of devices these days leaves you liable. Over 50 technology manufacturers recognize these unique needs and have partnered with KIC to design cleaning products and processes to get the job done right while being safe for the technology, employees, and customers.

We offer the following best practice cleaning guides to explain why keeping your equipment and environment clean is so important.

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