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How to Clean a Credit Card Reader Terminal

Cleaning Your Card Reader is Quick and Easy!

Video: How to Clean Your Card Reader

Cleaning your card payment terminal on a routine basis prolongs the life of the card reader, reduces misreads and costly fallback fees, and provides a better experience for your customers. Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Power down your equipment for safety, if you can. Refer to your equipment’s manual for proper procedures on how to do this.
  2. Open the cleaning card pouch when you are ready to clean. Our cleaning cards with 99.7% IPA will dry out after a minute or two, depending on environmental humidity. Our cards with MiracleMagicTM will stay moist a bit longer.
  3. Insert the cleaning card into the payment slot (or swipe it as you would a credit card). Flip the card over and repeat. Now turn the card 180 degrees, insert for a 3rd time, then flip one more time for a 4th cleaning pass.
  4. Toss the card in the trash when done!

!!! NOTE:
When cleaning the external surface of your credit card reader, never spray cleaning solution directly onto the machine. Spray solution onto a microfiber or other low-linting dry wipe first, then clean your credit card machine.

QSR POS system swipe path being cleaned with a Waffletechnology cleaning card
Credit card payment terminal being cleaned with a Waffletechnology Smart Payment cleaning card

KICTeam has an array of products to keep the inside and the outside of your card reader terminals clean and safe. We call it our TotalCareTM approach. Not only is it important to keep card reader internal lenses, pins, swipe paths, and sensors operating efficiently, keeping sensitive screens and keypads free of fingerprints, dust, oily residue, and other environmental dirt helps improve productivity, and, well, the business looks nicer when the equipment is clean! It provides a better experience for your customers and helps strengthen your brand.

KIC’s products are unlike other technical cleaning products on the market. We specifically engineer our cleaning products to be safe and gently on technology. Our products will not harm or damage your equipment over time, unlike many other cleaners on the market that contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, or chlorine.

Some of our cleaning products are below. If you have questions, please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Waffletechnology for Cleaning Card Readers with MiracleMagic

Waffletechnology® for Stripe & EMV Credit Card Readers
Size: Box of 40 Cards
Part Number: KW3-AHSCB40M
Presaturated with MiracleMagicTM

Also comes with 99.7% IPA
Box of 40 Cards
Part Number: KW3-HSCB40

ClearDisplay Cleaning Wipes for Screens, Monitors & Tablets

KICWipesTM for Multi-Surface Cleaning
Size: Box of 50 7″ x 10″ Wipes
Part Number: K2-WLT50CD
Presaturated with ClearDisplayTM

Perfect for keeping touchscreens clean and clear. Dries quickly with a streak-free, lint-free finish!

ClearDisplay Cleaning Agent K2-CCD32N1

ClearDisplayTM Screen & Technology Cleaner
Size: 32oz. Spray Bottle
Part Number: K2-CCD32N1

Designed to gently break down and remove dust, germs, fingerprints, and other contaminants.

6" Swisel with 70% IPA

SwiselTM 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool
Size: Box of 50
Part Number: K2-SWIST50
Presaturated with 99.7% IPA

Also comes with MiracleMagicTM
Box of 50 Swisels
Part Number: K2-SWIST50M
This is a really unique, versatile tool. We love it here at KICTeam.

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