KICTeam, Inc.

Keep Airport Kiosks Clean – Inside and Out

The Filthiest Place in the Airport is the Check-in Kiosk*

Keep Kiosks Clean – Inside and Out

  • OEM-trusted, technology-safe products.
  • Designed specifically for daily, routine use; won’t damage equipment.
  • Non-hazardous, Non-harmful, Non-flammable.
  • Enhances your brand and satisfy airport management’s demand for excellence.

KIC’s cleaning products are specifically engineered to clean technology thoroughly without damage.

Elevate your airport cleaning services, and surpass the competition, by offering TotalCareTM for airport self-service kiosks.

*: Source:’s 2018 Study: Kiosks at the airport had 13X more germs per cubic inch than an average airport water fountain button!

Disinfect Hard Surfaces

For Routine, Day-to-Day Cleaning

Effectively Cleans Card Readers

DiSantech Disinfectant, available in convenient wipes or 32oz spray bottle

Part Number: K2-WC100DC (100 Ct. Canister)
Part Number: K2-CDS32N1 (32oz Bottle)
DiSantechTM Disinfectant

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses*
  • Citric-acid based. No harsh chemicals
  • EPA List N Registered & NSF Approved
KICWipes for Touchscreens with ClearDisplay

Part Number: K2-WC100CD
KICWipesTM for Multi-Surface Cleaning

  • 100 Count Canister
  • For touchscreens, monitors, displays
  • Dries quickly, streak-free
  • Soft, lint-free, durable wipes
Waffletechnology Card Reader Cleaner with Miracle Magic

Part Number: KW3-AHSCB40M
Waffletechnology® for Card Readers
Presaturated with MiracleMagicTM

  • 40 Cards per box
  • Patented design reaches all internal components.
  • Safely & gently removes dust, dirt, and contaminants.

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“Waffletechnology® cleaning cards were proven to be an effective way to optimize the lifespan of credit card readers and improve point-of-sale transactions.”

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“KICTeam’s device cleaning wipes help extend the life of the equipment, reduce costly repairs, and improves the customer’s experience.”