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EMV Chip Card Replacement Deadline Has Passed

Use KICTeam's Waffletechnology to clean EMV Card Readers

Friday, April 16th, 2021 was the deadline for fuel stations to convert gas pump card readers to EMV. Have you converted your pumps yet? Here is why you should.

Implications and Consequences for Gas Stations
Gas stations are now 100% liable for any fraud or theft of their customers’ data that arises from processing transactions via a magnetic card “swipe”. Gas station merchants that haven’t converted their pumps to EMV, or who experience a high percentage of “fallbacks” due to dirty or faulty EMV equipment, will not only be held liable for any fraudulent transactions but additional “EMV Non-Compliance Fees” can be assessed by the credit card processor. Non-compliance can cause some significant and costly risks for gas station business owners.

Cleaning Your Gas Station Pumps Has Become Critically Important
EMV technology utilizes sensitive pins that drop down to make contact with the chip on a smart credit card. The credit card is “dipped” into the card reader and the pins read the information on the chip. The point of contact of the pins on the surface of the chip is a small surface area compared to the larger, elongated surface area of a magnetic stripe. Therefore, the accumulation of dirt on the pin head can occur more quickly and “fallback failures” are likely to occur more frequently. KICTeam organized information from ATMIA noting that credit card processing merchants consider fallback rates that are greater than 2.5% of transactions to be excessive. This can result in costly fines. It is imperative that gas station owners keep their card reader technology clean to avoid these challenges.

Example of Waffletechnology cleaning EMV Card Reader Pins

Waffletechnology® Cleans Gas Pump Card Readers Better Than Any Card on the Market
KICTeam’s patented Waffletechnology® utilizes a 3-D cleaning design to thoroughly clean the surfaces and sides of pins, lenses, and sensors that other cards cannot reach. Gas stations should use KIC’s preferred Waffletechnology cards (KW3-AHSCB40M) that are pre-saturated with MiracleMagicTM. This cleaning card has been endorsed by Gilbarco Veeder-Root as the only card to be used for cleaning Gilbarco card readers in the petroleum industry. It is nonhazardous, nonflammable, contains no harsh chemicals that can harm sensitive surfaces and internal components, and provides a deeper clean in heavily soiled environments.

3 Other Reasons Cleaning is Important.

  • Cleaning strengthens your business reputation and brand. Customers prefer equipment that works and that is clean. It improves their experience and it helps strengthen how they feel about your establishment. This often translates into happier customers that are more likely to talk positively about your brand.

  • Cleaning provides better service to your customers. Routine cleaning of your gas pump credit card readers helps keep the equipment running efficiently. It prolongs the life of your equipment, results in fewer card read errors, and helps keep your customer’s visit fast and efficient.

  • Cleaning provides better security and safety for your customers. Routine cleaning of your gas pump credit card readers will help you notice when there seems to be something “extra”, like a credit card skimmer, attached to the card reader device. The 3 photos below show different examples of credit card skimmers. Keep a weather eye out for these devices. If you are cleaning your pump readers regularly you are more apt to notice when something seems amiss.
Routine cleaning of your EMV chip card readers helps prevent fraud.
Credit card skimmers are often a subtle attachment to the front of the card reader.
If you are cleaning your fuel pump EMV chip card readers regularly, you are more apt to notice when something seems amiss.

About KICTeam
KICTeam manufactures effective cleaning solutions for technology for a number of industries including: banking and finance, c-store and specialty retail, grocery & big box retails, QSR & restaurant, and through our sister company Teknipure, controlled environments. In addition to quality cleaning products, KICTeam is a trusted source of expertise in providing detailed information for when, how, and why to clean your devices. Building on relationships with device OEMs and industry experts, KICTeam creates highly effective solutions for keeping technical equipment operating at peak using our proprietary cleaning agents and broad portfolio of specialized and patented cleaning tools. Our core products are manufactured at our headquarters facility in Auburn, Maine and are distributed around the world.