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EMV & Stripe Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards

Keep Your EMV Credit Card Payment Terminals Clean with KIC’s Patented Waffletechnology® Cleaning Cards

Routine Card Reader Cleaning Has Many Benefits …

  • Reduce expensive and unnecessary repair and maintenance fees.
  • Reduce expensive fallback fees and costly service charges.
  • Enhance your customers’ experience by keeping your equipment running efficiently.
  • Reinforce your brand’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

KIC’s cleaning products are specifically engineered to clean technology thoroughly without damage.

Our products prolong the life of your equipment, reduce your repair/maintenance costs, and most importantly, improve your customers’ experience.

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“We discourage the use of harsh cleaning products that can often damage equipment with prolonged use. We are extremely pleased with KICTeam’s product and fully support a preventative maintenance program that utilizes Waffletechnology® cleaning cards .”

Waffletechnology for Card Readers (KW3-AHSCB40M)

Waffletechnology® for Credit Card Readers with MiracleMagicTM
Size: Box of 40 Cards
Part Number: KW3-AHSCB40M
Presaturated with MiracleMagicTM

Waffletecnology Card Reader Cleaning Card with 99.7% IPA - KW3-HSCB40

Waffletechnology® for Stripe & EMV Credit Card Readers
Size: Box of 40 Cards
Part Number: KW3-HSCB40
Presaturated with 99.7% IPA

Waffletechnology® Card Reader Cleaning Card being used to clean the swipe path of a quick serve restaurant POS kiosk.

Waffletechnology Cleaning Card for SMART Payment Card Readers - KW3-EMVP10

Waffletechnology® for Smart Payment Credit Card Readers
Size: 10 Cards per Bag
Part Number: KW3-EMVP10
Presaturated with 99.7% IPA

Credit card payment terminal being cleaned with a Waffletechnology Smart Payment cleaning card

Credit card payment terminal being cleaned with a Waffletechnology® Smart Cleaning Card.