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    2015 will see the implementation of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) regulations worldwide.

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    Cleaning products designed for check scanners, currency counters, ATMs, security access card readers, sensitive screens, and other devices.

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    With the growing popularity of destination casinos and gaming institutions, comes the increased demand for safe, clean and efficient equipment.

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    Whether you are going by plane, bus, ship, truck or mass transit, the Transportation Industries use a wide array of devices to maintain speed and efficiency.

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KICTeam: Technical Device Cleaning Solutions

Drawing on over twenty years of expertise, KICTeam is focused on developing preventative and corrective cleaning programs for technical devices involved in payment, currency, image processing, printing, and self-service devices. Our core products are proudly made in the U.S.A. from our manufacturing facility in Auburn, Maine.

Partners & Advocates:

What are Device Cleaning Solutions?

Technical devices encounter dirt and contaminants from a variety of sources, such as dust and dirt from the environment, oils and fingerprints from skin, and ink and adhesive from media. Without proper maintenance, devices are subject to decreased performance, are more prone to breakdown, and will have a shorter lifetime. Device cleaning programs provide a multi-pronged approach based on the CAPA principals of preventing and correcting these problems and are built on a detailed understanding of the technology and its environment.

Our recommended approach encompasses 3 types of cleaning:

Preventative Care

Regularly-performed, light cleaning to maintain peak device performance and prevent problems before they start.

Corrective Action

Targeted cleaning during service calls or repairs to address malfunctions or performance failures. In many cases, normal operation can be restored by cleaning.

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled, top-to-bottom cleaning to remove any built-up dirt in difficult to reach areas that Preventative Care cleaning may not cover.

The Key Pieces of Device Cleaning:


Our safe and effective cleaning agents are tailored to the device, component, and application to achieve maximum effect.


Our specialized cleaning tools are designed to reach critical components and remove contaminants without causing damage or wear.


Our expert knowledge – built from working directly with OEMs and industry professionals – allows us to tailor programs with the right frequency and procedures for each device and environment.