Regulations Require KICTeam Artwork Changes

4 New Regulatory Requirements:

Ownership of Pouch

Required on each pouch/label is a manufacturer or distributor's name, contact address, and contact phone number.

Standard pouches are printed “Manufactured by KICTeam, Inc. 1130 Minot Avenue Auburn, ME 207-517-7030”. KICTeam has built a reputation of being professional, responsible, and trustworthy. We sell to distributors and re-sellers and have no interest in selling to your end-user. We print our contact information in a faint grey to de-emphasize its presence. When appropriate, customer calls will be referred back to you as the supplier of the product.

Pictograms / Signal Words

Red and black icon(s) are required on packaging if the cleaning solution is classified as hazardous. This means that pouches need at least two (2) colors (red and black).

Signal words are required on packaging if the cleaning solution is classified as hazardous. The signal word indicates the relative degree of severity or hazard. The signal words GHS regulations may require are "Danger" or "Warning".

Primary Languages

Regulatory language must be in the official language of the country in which the product is distributed. To meet global needs, while conserving space on pouches, we have created three (3) basic language groups.

New KICTeam Part Numbers

Even though the products within the pouch are the same, each regional pouch will have a different part number to designate the language group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does GHS stand for?

GHS is "The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals" (GHS).

What is the difference between the safety data sheets that indicate "SDS" versus “MSDS”?

The term “SDS” - (Safety Data Sheet) is something we will be hearing a lot more of with the implementation of GHS. SDS requires a 16 section format, as opposed to the 9 sections in the current MSDS’s – (Material Safety Data Sheet). KICTeam has already adopted the 16 section format for our four primary solutions and can provide them in French, Italian, English, and Spanish.

What is the timeline for GHS?

Manufacturers that sell into Europe, the US, and other countries that have adopted GHS have until that country’s adoption date (June 2015 for most) to provide products with compliant labeling. Distributors have extended sell-through periods that vary by country.

Do the cleaning cards or cleaning pens need to be marked as a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)?

No, the only product that may require HAZMAT labeling is our SNAP Swabs with Envanish Electronic Cleaner solution.